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Please Note: The following are intended to generate ideas and resources,
These products have been recommended by our customers to apply on cedar.

always consult your local paint department expert as new products
are always entering the market and name brand products are being reformulated.
Silicone Magic Kilmer Creek is now using a silicon base product - Silicone Magic - which provides protection from dirt buildup, UV light protection, lower incidence against stains and discoloration on the finish, - plus - protects against water, fungi & algea damage. Unlike solvent based systems, the Silicone Magic system is water based, making it the environmentally friendly solution. No fumes, no threat to shrubs, lawns, and gardens. This product is approved for the use in California.
The following products have been recommended by out customers:

Olympic Stain - Features more than 150 stain, toner, and clear finishes - allowing you to pick a natural finish to your favorite color in a stain. Olympic stains have been recently reformulated, making them easy to apply, producing great colors & textures, and a longer lasting finish in sunlight. Found at Lowes and other fine paint stores. Lowes' offers an easy comparision or you can check Olympic's website for finishing ideas & product info.
Sikkens - simply beautiful wood care products.
A high quality, favored by professionals stain. This is a long lasting stain, but must be applied with patience to obtain the best quality finish. Sikkens' Cetol-1 line is a translucent satin finish exterior woodcoat that can stand alone on cedar.
Features are superior UV protection, highly transparent, water repellent, weather resistant, flexible, breathable finish. Checkout the Sikkens website for a store near you. You can email Sikkens questions or call direct at 1.866.SIKKENS
Cabot Stain - total woodcare since 1877.  There are a large number of products on the market, but Cabot Stain website is very outstanding - with descriptions of their products, plus a toll free help desk  1-877-US-STAIN  for technical assistance for Cabot Stain products.  Cabot Stains specialize in colors and transparent - which can give your furniture an added personal touch. Cabot also has fine deep penetrating translucent finishes, which will help bring out the natural color of western red cedar. Cabot also carries products to clean, strip, refinish and brighten finishes. Don't forget to check out their very comprehensive "Ask The Expert" section - with posted expert advice on finishing. Cabot products can be found at your local Ace Hardware store and other fine stores.
Minwax  - is a favorite product for many cedar furniture finishers. Don't let the name fool you, one of our favorite products is their semi-gloss polyurethane with UV light protection, which adds years to the life of a finish. The Minwax Resource Section - Shop Talk is updated regularily - don't forget to look into their Resource and Shop Talk Forums. Minwax offers email help on their products. and a toll free help line for their products 1-800-523-9299. A very easy to use site.
Thompson's Water Seal "Outdoors Is In" - a great guide on their website offering how-to-ideas for outdoor furniture, refinishing and more. Thompsons' offers more than water proofing products, they also offer exterior wood stains, cleaners and concrete care.Thompson's can be reached at 1-800-367-6297 or an email link through their website
BioShield Paint Eco-Friendly Paints, Stains, Finishes and Cleaners "for a Healthy Home".. Their products are made from naturally-derived raw materials. Bioshield also offers at a low price home tester samples. Natural colors in their paints and stains can be found. BioShield's customer care center can be reached online or toll free at 1-800-621-2591. Please check their website for online promotions. To email them questions
KILZ offers stain blocking primers for painted and unpainted surfaces and blocks water, smike and ink stains. KILZ has a primer for every project. From general purpose surface preparation to heavy-duty stain and odor coverage, there’s a KILZ primer that will do the job! Kitz Technical Services can be reached 1-800-PRIMER-1 or
If you are looking for indoor finish possiblities - Ralph Lauren Paint offer a number of latex paints to customize your finishes. You can make the wood look metallic (regent metallics), subdued mottled textural water-worn (the river rock look), suede, antiqued leather, indigo leather, bright canvas, natural linen, and more. Plus thru traditional faux techniques of sponging, ragging, colorwashing and aging. Check online for how-to videos, explore their spectum of colors and exlpore alternative finishing techniques. You can also call 1-800-379-POLO for toll free answers to your finishing questions. Found at Home Depot and other fine stores.
Recommended for the serious wood finisher - Kremer Pigments. Based in Germany, with a very helpful office in New York that can be reached at 1-800-995-5501. Specializing in natural earth pigments, natural plant dyes, and alcohol-based metal-complex dyes. Kremer has a free catalog of woodfinishing supplies and an informative website. - a very compressive site, a great resource to search for finish brands - over 30 companies listed with their products and ideas. Includes sources for stains, water-based products, oils, stains, waxes. This is very much an ideas source for the do-it yourself person.
Looking for simple furniture refinishing instructions or creative arranging of your back yard? The following articles are written by  Be Jane  created by Heidi Baker and Eden Jarrin while the Be Jane website is aimed at women, all their articles have great practical ideas for all furniture owners.  
1) Extending the life of your outdoor furniture,
2) Revive your teak furniture (yes, this oil refinishing technique
works with cedar too ! ),
& 3) Create an outdoor living room
Suggested Cedar Finish Products for Kilmer's Cedar Outdoor Furniture
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